Garrett is a photographer originally from Central California and currently resides in Long Beach, CA. He studied photography at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and has worked for The National Park Service at Alcatraz Island and Element Skate Camp as a staff photographer. Garrett finds inspiration from his family, his peers as well as the complicated Californian landscape that is home to many degrees of values and culture. He has finished personal projects surrounding those very ideas and is working on new projects surrounding the current state of the California desert and another more objectively on bars and churches in Long Beach. He is available for freelance work and has worked on projects with and been featured in Thrasher magazine, Juxtapoz magazine, Adidas, Opening Ceremony, Find Rangers Magazine, Swallows and Daggers Magazine, Stance Socks, Element Skateboards, Korn, City and Colour, RVCA, Work Magazine, Monster Children, and North Skate Mag. 

For any work inquiries or questions extend an email via the tab to the left.